Point System Architecture


An enthusiast, having vigor and energy to gain and spread knowledge, ready for competition and keen on asking questions

100 Points

100 Points.


An evolved version of aspirant knows how to smartly organize work and has enough knowledge to guide people in need, a good friend and a budding leader

1000 Points

1000 Points.

Knowledge Mine

You definitely want to enter this minefield, loaded with answers to toughest of questions and ever-ready to take on challenging problems, influencer for some, inspirations for other

2000 Points

2000 Points.


Perfection personified, has had his hands dirty in almost every field and can blow away people with his impressive set of skills, always keen to help and to direct friends in the right path

5000 Points

5000 Points.



These are lovely elements of society; just want others to have access to all the information possible: questions, articles, posts etc you name it and they have already posted it for you to read

500 Points

500 Points.


Some are just born to be leaders, these people have good fan following and they deserve it for the hard work they do whenever possible

500 Points

500 Points.

Helping Hand

Life savers, we all need one, this set of people never refrain from helping a soul out, anytime reach out to them for questions and they will definitely have something for you to digest

500 Points

500 Points.