With a few months left for the most awaited and one of the toughest  MBA  entrance exams CAT, those who’ll be taking CAT 2015 must have shifted to the high-time mode, if not then this is a wakeup call. No doubt those who sit for CAT are not only the ones with big dreams but also have the caliber to work for a golden career in management. Assumed to be one of the trickiest ones, CAT never fails to surprise its aspirants with its always changing pattern. However, scoring well in CAT is not enough to secure a seat in one of the top seven old IIMs and other B-Schools. As these eminent institutions opt for the most efficient assessment criteria when it comes to offering admissions to those who manage to get through the crazy CAT cut-offs. However, unlike the common assumption, scoring high in CAT is not enough. More so if you have managed to get it by using your specialization in one of the fields of the exam. In fact, there are ways to compensate your slightly less score with your outstanding performance in academics but not the other way round. Thus, for being a student of these eminent institutions, one should strive to be an all-rounder.

CAT 2015 aspirants should be aware of this surprising fact that IIMs need a high balanced sectional percentile instead of only high overall percentile. All the IIMs fix a minimum sectional cut off. Usually, the minimum sectional cut off is above 85+ for newer IIMs and 90+ for older ones especially IIM A, B, C, L. A candidate scoring 98 overall percentile might have scored 100 percentile in quant and 83 in Verbal. Despite such a high score, his sectional percentile is not to the minimum prescribed standard. He would not be shortlisted by any IIM unless his sectional percentile was above the minimum prescribed cut off point of 85 or 90.

No IIM prefers to offer any grace percentile option and therefore even if you are short of one percentile in scoring the minimum cut off percentile, you wouldn’t be shortlisted nor any generosity from any IIM must be expected in this regard.

On the other hand candidates with good sectional percentile of 85+ in each section or 90+ in each section, despite having lesser overall percentile say 96 or 97 not only receive the calls from older IIMs but also would stand fair opportunity to convert them.

When the results for CAT 2014 were out, happier were the students who scored 97 and 99 percentile and were more or less assured of their admission in top rated B school. The comparatively low overall percentilers were more worried and continued their search, remained in constant touch with MBAUniverse.com for further course of action and guidance about the admission criteria in various B schools across the country. In a turn of events the higher overall percentilers lagged behind the low scorer ones in the final admission round.

So, while putting your heart and soul in the preparation of your CAT exam, make sure that you concentrate on each field you’ll be assessed on whether that part has been your strength or weakness. After all, you are going to try your hand at something which has been your dream for years.