About Inkupp

In a country with over 40,000 educational institutes providing higher education, an aspiring student often battles to find the answers to some common questions and queries regarding higher education. E.g. What should I study? Where should I study? How can I Compare Institutes? How should I gauge the quality of a course? What career prospects do I have after studying a particular course? etc.

Engineering and MBA, which were generalised terms a few years back, have now expanded into more specific and customised areas. It is essential for students to be introduced to these emerging study areas. The internet provides us the required information but cannot answer all our queries. College websites paint us a fancy luring picture while general discussions forums are flooded with data and contradicting opinions which mostly lead to confusion.

INKUPP is at your service, with answers to all your educational queries. We are not just a website providing information, but a social networking site functioning with a sole purpose – Providing the biggest platform for aspiring Engineering and MBA students with resources necessary to build a foundation for a bright future.

Inkupp provides every user with his/her own space. Create a profile, connect with other students, upload transcripts, compare courses and colleges, interact with college representatives and apply to colleges directly. Besides this, you also have the freedom of creating your own discussion topics, following and marking questions to stay updated, promoting questions to get quick answers – All this blended with ease of data browsing and evolving user friendly interface. To make things even more convenient, we are encouraging test prep institutes, banks and other financial institutions to sign up with us to maximise user benefits. Inkupp users are not just students, but also educational experts, working professionals and successful entrepreneurs. They shall constantly guide students and provide expertise for a precise and reliable experience. If that’s not all, Inkupp also has an integrated space for job postings and career opportunities.

We are striving hard to achieve our goal of becoming India’s biggest educational networking site.

Inkupp promises to create a user friendly environment and make the quest for higher education fun rather than a nightmare.